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About Us

Welcome to Kettanak Trading Co., Ltd.

The name invokes this unique sense of preciousness because the Khmer word កេតនភណ្ឌ implies matters of eminence and exquisite value. In keeping with its name, we aspire to become the cicerone of brands that represent aspirational lifestyles that are rooted in Europe and beyond.


We are young. We have wit and grit. Always in action, fun-loving and on the go.


The key people behind this partnership bring together their experience in commercial brands, market development and communication, as well as in retail services.


We love working with brand proprietors like you whose need to extend their business footprint in a young and dynamic environment that is Cambodia today. In the Indochina Peninsula there are other prominent commercial centres such as Bangkok, Hanoi, HCMC, and Vientiane. They are all within a stone's throw of reach so you may want to work with us to combine these territories once you’ve raised your flag in Phnom Penh.


With deep insight into the psyche of Cambodian consumers, the depth of local knowledge, personal connections and experiences we possess, you are sure to benefit from our ability to structure commercial deals in a way other trading firms would dream of being able to do.


Needless to say, the world of commerce is now gravitating towards the digital sphere with most mainstream brands in full SKU lineups being offered at decent prices on their devices. We at Kettanak shall never rest in meeting the needs of uncompromising consumers who now have the power to access the ocean of information to source the right brand product at prices they are willing to pay.

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